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Tuesday 18th June 
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Særesaker/Stor gnist Yesterday I posted a note that I had a 9 second video clip of an arc in a

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Yesterday I posted a note that I had a 9 second video clip of an arc in a
piece of 500KV switchgear and that I would E-Mail it to anyone who wanted
it. I further stated that if there were enough requests, I would post it
on my website. There were plenty of requests, but I could not stick it
onto my website from here at work (can't ftp through the company firewall),
however when I got home last night, I posted the file to my website. The
1.5 MegaByte file is located at:
This is a 3 phase 500KV motor operated discoonnect that is NOT intended to
be opened under load. There is a switcher that is designed to open under
load in the circuit that is supposed to open load and then the disconnect
opens. In this case, one phase of the switcher failed to open, resulting
in one phase of the disconnect opening under load. The resulting arc was
truely spectacular. The reason that this event was caught on camera is
because this particular switcher has had a failure to open in the past so
every time the switcher was opened, a camera has been set up. This time
they got the failure on tape.
I did send the video clip directly to everyone who requested it, however 2
bounced - one due to an invalid address (me making a typo in the address I
presume), and the other due to the size of the file (mailbox full I
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Mobile Radio Operations
Southern California Edison Co.
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